the travels: roadtrip

eeyore on the rape and pillage tour

a photo guide to a donkey's vacation,
currently missing the photographs

1. here i am, ready to hit the road. i offered to help with the driving but katja thinks she can handle it on her own. i will be the navigator, getting us safely from here to there and back again. here being issaquah, washington. there being albuquerque, new mexico.

14. BANG!!!!! the trinity site -- home of the world’s first atomic blast. it was the 50th anniversary so they let the gawking tourists in. it is still slightly radioactive but i can’t feel any cancer growing so i think it was okay. katja broke several federal laws by managing to steal two small pieces of trinitite with her toes. it is rather like green glass, forged when the incredible heat of the blast melted the countryside. she thinks she is cool now, since she has something in common with one of the characters in generation x. she is easily amused.

20. white sands -- even a tiny donkey stands out against all this white. miles and miles and miles of white. it was sunset and had rained earlier so we had the place to ourselves. ran madly up and down sand dunes, singing at the top of our lungs and laughing like lunatics.