the world of katrina grace craig

some of these things are true about me:

i write poetry. i build houses out of lego. i have a thing for jean reno. i am short. i like the cranes -- the band, not the birds, not the heavy machinery; i dislike birds and am only marginally happier with heavy machinery. i paint. i love to drive but i don't have a car. i have too many friends named robert. i can sing. i have never set foot in a hard rock café or a planet hollywood even though the concept of captain crunch chicken intrigues me endlessly. i have a beautiful sister. i spend too much money on cds and books. i have eleven toes. i am tattooed. i've been to paradise but i've never been to me. one of these days i'll have more pictures on my pages, but at the moment i am busy trying to rationalize that html isn't "real" programming and therefore i have not broken my vow of never becoming a fullfledged geek. i have a tendency to write run on sentences with creative punctuation. i am heels over head in love.

some of these things are true about you:

you have nothing better to do. you're just here to see if i have my picture on my page. you want to know how i pronounce katja. you'd rather be somewhere else. you want to tell me what to do. you are tall. you never stopped wearing polyester. you write better poetry than i. you are blonde. you are blond. you are blah. you are getting sleepy, very sleepy. you want to give me all your money.